Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I have a passion for teacher and student love stories, and this is by faaaaar the most delicious and intriguing book I have ever read upon this subject.

I quickly became addicted to the story, for me this being like a roller-coaster of emotions.
First you have the heroes: Julia- a shy but determined student, that dreams of becoming a Dante Specialist.

We get to see her journey of discovery, that is by far a complex one, from a girl to a woman. Gabriel- a conflicted yet charming Dante teacher, with a strong personality and intimidating posture. The 2 of them know each other, but one does’t remember exactly the connection that they have, only when their feeling became too strong and the recollection is inevitable.
Their love story is unique and tormented by both heroes past, the insecurities and mistakes they made are here to hunt them and keep them apart.


In the first part of the book we see them struggling with their feelings, being aware of the impossibility of their relation. The heart battles reason, right battles wrong. In the second part we get to explore more of their relationship, and how can they cope with the obstacles they face. Although at the beginning, we believe that they are different, we will get to see throughout the book how much they are alike, this resemblance between them being the first thing that clicks them together, but also ignited some feisty scenes.

Gabriel became one of my favorite heroes of all time because of his complexity as a character. You have 2 sides of him: the one that remained in the past, tortured by guilt, bad decisions and hate, and the one that you can see and explore thanks to Julia: loving, tender and thoughtful. Besides that, he is extremely smart, stubborn and has a huge impact on everyone he meets. His development in the series is outstanding, and by the end of the books you will love him more ( if possible) 🙂


Second, the book is so well documented and full of artistic and literature references that will blow your mind away. It is very well kept together by it and supports the action and the love story of the heroes. I don’t think that we have one page that doesn’t have an artistic idea in it and 5 stars to Sylvain for putting this book together in this amazing way. It was well documented, with a strong base and not a word in it was unnecessary.

In a few words, this series was it for me, having every ingredient to keep on reading and connect with my heroes at a deep emotional level.


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