Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

My book boyfriend crush is back, but for the last time..

I am a huge fan of this series and loved every second of this book, just devoured it top-bottom. I was so sad when it ended, but happy for how things were put into place, perfectly for my liking.
After fighting so hard to be together, facing all kinds of obstacles, we finally get to explore this couple in its marriage state, seeing how they cope with it.

The book begins 6 months from their wedding, where we see them adjusting to a normal life, with daily activities. Julia is studying at Harvard and Gabriel is working at Boston University. Julia’s main concern is finishing her studies, a dream for which she fought hard in the past, jeopardized by her relationship with Gabriel. The main problem in this third book is balancing personal life with the professional one, a difficulty that our couple had. Julia is so focused on her studies, she is not thinking of having a baby.. but Gabriel has other plans in stored for her and will not give up until his family is perfect.

I saw an evolution in Gabriel that made me admire him more. Initially he was tormented, thought that he didn’t deserve to be happy, that he couldn’t have children, because he was not worthy of love. After meeting Julia, things changed for him. Julia thought him how to love and to be confident that he deserved a second chance. The title is very descriptive:“redemption” being the key word in all of the book. Gabriel left his pass behind and wanted a new life with Julia, full of hope and love. Now he is determined to show her how amazing their future can be, the 2 of them and their child.


The problem here is Julia, because she doesn’t feel that the moment is right, especially when she need to finish the studies and begin the career she so fought for.
The roles are now in reverse, Gabriel being the one to show Julia the perfection is awaits them by fulfilling his wish.

I will let you explore this book by yourself, but you will certainly be amazed by the change in Gabriel and how determined he was. I always knew he was amazing, and how good he can be as a husband and father. He had to discover it by himself, in order to be in this place right now.
I enjoyed very much the accent that was put on his background, he being in search for his family and finding the well needed closure. We get to see a new Gabriel, and it melt my heart.


Julie disappointed me a little, because I consider her kind of selfish, but on the other hand I managed to put myself in her shoes and imagine how I would react. The answer was not so easy to find, but I was Team Gabriel throughout the majority of the book. Their fights and small exchanges made my delight, because I enjoy seeing how alike they are in personality, but different in opinions.
The thing that remained constant was their love and their intense and romantic love scenes. That chemistry and connection is their trademark, and to be sincere, I felt it even more intense in this book, like a culmination of everything they went through and now they were free to express all of this openly.

I love this series for the character it provided, for its amazing story and written style. I said it and I will repeat myself, Sylvain Reynard is amazing and his talent never ceased to amaze me.
I am very glad our beloved couple got the ending well deserved and managed to find love and happiness, although the road was packed with obstacles.


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