Paper Princess by Erin Watt

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Can somebody please tell me what just happened?? I just finished my last book, which was sweet and perfect, my bubble of evading the world, and now I discovered this one, that unraveled me and gave me mixed feelings..
My review won’t be long, because I literally don’t know how to express myself with the info that I have right now.

So, Ella is our heroine. Left without a mom at the age of 17, she has to take care of herself, and this means being a waitress and a stripper. I felt really sorry for her, because no child has to go through this things alone. She is terribly independent and determined, and I admire her so much for that.
Her world changes when Callum Royal enters it, telling that he is her legal guardian an forces her to leave with him. He was a good friend of her late father, Steve, and his last wish was that Ella to be in his care.

He offers her a deal: money every month until she graduates, and after that she is free to go and live her life as she pleases. Of course Ella puts up a good fight, but eventually she ends up in Callum’s house, together with his 5 sons. And guess what? They are all gorgeous, athletic but they hate her.. Like really hate her.

Now she begins a journey in order to fit in, to have peace and to try to get on with her life, despite the hate her 5 “stepbrothers” feel for her. I liked her as a heroine, she was though and determined, but she can also be vulnerable and sensitive like any girl of her age.

The hero of this story is her “stepbrother” Reed. I was in a hate/love relationship with him, because of his judgmental and rude behavior. He doesn’t know anything about Ella, but he judged her and became a bully. Reed has also lost his mother and he blamed Callum for this. The attention that Callum gives Ella tears him apart and Reed now has a mission, to make Ella leave and never come back.
He was a mystery to me.. a typical bad boy, with a lot of daddy’ issues, and with no experience in loving someone. He hated Ella so much, but during her stay in his house, all the walls that he build were torn apart, because he had no reason to feel this way towards her. Ella was brave, straight forward and took a chance on Reed, trusted him and little by little something was born there..I loved their chemistry, the wild moments and the romantic ones, that made you swoon and see how good they are together. It hurt to see that things are not that easy for them, and they will have a long way before all the secrets and lies will be unfolded.


Now after finishing the first book, I can really give an opinion about it, because there are so many broken pieces that have to be put together. Everything is kind in a blur, without having the puzzle complete. I want to know more about Reed, to see exactly what makes him click, why is he so damaged and guarded. I want to explore more the brothers relationship with their father, because I know that many things are left unspoken and more detailed have to be discovered.

An addictive read it was for me, looking forward to the next chapter.


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