Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Mia Sheridan is one of my favorite writers and Archer’s Voice from my point of view is her best book.

The story is addictive and very soon you will be part of it with all your heart.
Bree Prescott wants a new start in life and although many will find it weird, she chooses a secluded lakeside town to begin her new journey. Everyone seems very nice and things are finally making sense for her: peace, time for herself and for the things she loves and trying to keep out the memories that harmed her.

Everything is about to change when she meets Archer Hale, a strange boy that manages to catch her attention. He is very complex in so many ways: beautiful on the outside but damaged on the inside. Soon Bree takes on the mission to get to know Archer because in a way she relates to him: they have the same hurt, they both went through a lot in life. The thing that makes Arches special is that he can’t talk and can only communicate with her by the sign language.

This is an unique element in the book, I have never read anything like this before. The two form a strong bond that will soon become love. Their relationship is very special- at the beginning exploring each other and their new feelings and by the end they are inseparable. You come to see that two apparently different people discover that they have so many thing in common, they can’t live without each other.

The scenes between them were amazing, full of tenderness, passion, joy, sometimes anger and angst, but they connected so well you could feel their genuine love.
Thanks to the amazing writing style we can get to know Archer and Bree better, to live with them the present events and also the past one, to see exactly what made them the people they are today. For me is important to get to explore a character past and present, to have all side of his story in order to make an opinion about him.

In this way the reader can choose to empathize and live the story as strongly as possible without feeling excluded or kept in the dark about certain elements. This is the thing that I love about Mia’s book: total knowledge of her characters and in this way all that you are reading makes sense, because you get recollection of everything that happens throughout the story.

In this book Mia presents an issue that can be debatable in real life: people with disabilities are often judged and secluded from the rest of the word because of this issues. Bree was the one who accepted Archer and loved him with all the pro’s and con’s.

It is a very important lesson to learn and keep in mind that the beauty of a person is his heart, not his exterior. Beauty fades in time, but the feeling remain as strong as possible. Mia thought us how to love people by what they offer us and what can we learn from them, not by the beauty of their face and body.
A great book with a strong message.


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