Beautiful Secret by Lauren Christina

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

From all the guys in this series Nial is my absolute favorite and I will tell you why in a couple of minutes, but I have to keep my enthusiasm at bay.


“Beautiful Secret” follows his story and Ruby’s and for me it was an amazing read.
Nial is Max Stella’s brother and the opposite of him. While Max is adventurous and thrilling to be around, Nial is more guarded, more serious and reserved. I liked the comparison between him and Mr. Darcy, being very appropriate for him and fitting his personality so well. Nial has a not so loving background when it comes to love. He was married to his only girlfriend and embarked on a marriage that wasn’t satisfying from any point of view. After his divorce, he is let with a broken heart, but also with very little experience with women. His marriage lacked love and passion, and therefore he is not interested in this, or in another relationship what so ever. Also, he has some strong trust issues, not being able to fully understand how wonderful he is in and out.

I really liked him because he wasn’t a player like the boys before him, he was a committing guy, with a lot of love to give. Sex also was not meaningless for him, he had to truly be in love with that woman in order to have a physical contact with her. Perfect, I know!!

Enter Ruby! She was hilarious, strong and independent. Totally opposite to Nial, but so good for him in the same time. She had a crush on Nial since forever and all her scenes in his proximity were so funny I think I will never forget them.


I liked this type of heroine, Ruby being a true example of determination. Her crush for him was consumed at far distance, but things changed when she has to accompany Nial in a business trip, where they spend a lot of time together. Slowly, Ruby manages to break his though exterior and give him an opportunity to love again. Her witty, sweet and funny behavior made him open up more about his problems, transforming him gradually into another man, a more confident one.

She was very patient with him, understood him and far more important, she didn’t judge him.
As expected he also made an epic mistake, but he will learn from it and try to undo it, by proving Ruby he is worthy of her. The only minus I found in Nial was that I wanted him to figure out how amazing he could be with her a little faster, because that sexual tension was so frustrating, it was killing me.

The hot scenes we are accustomed are not so frequent in this book, their love story being more of a slow burn. But when those happened, they burned the house down!! I liked their chemistry in those moments, and I was surprised to discover a more layed back and steamy Nial, than the timid one we were used to. When love is concerned, he can let his feeling go and offer so much in return.
We also get to see the “pack” all together again! They are amazing and I missed them terribly, almost forgotten how funny and charming they all were.


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