Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

The Dublin Street books are one of my favorites book of all time! I connected at such a deep level with all the characters and loved spending my time with them. I managed to enter their big family and soon I felt part of them, without ever wanting to leave.
Samantha Young did a great job in creating such great and strong heroes, that surely leave a mark on her readers.

In “Before Jamaica Lane” we get to read the story of Liv, Jo’s sister and Nate, Cam’s best friend. Since the second book, we got a glimpse of their relationship and find that they are close friends, spending a lot of time together. I simply love friends that turn into something more. There is something about this kind of connection that surpasses the instant love element. When you are a true friend, you understand all of that person’s aspects and accept his pros and cons without judging. I consider that relationship being complete, having a natural path, from loving that person’s soul to loving and enjoying their exterior.

As for the heroes, Olivia was a very sweet and lovely character to follow. I kind of connected with her better that with Nate, because in a way I could see a lot of her features in me. Olivia is also very shy, has a passion for books and wants to make a change, to be more confident and to express her feeling more openly. Her greatest fear is being confident with her body and managing to attract men. Having around a best friend that oozes confidence helps a lot, because Olivia asks Nate to teach her how to be seductive and sexy. After Nate agrees, they soon embark in a thrilling ride, full of lust, sex, passion and in the end, love.

I loved the way their relationship developed, from being friends to passionate lovers. The love scenes were amazing, hot and made you want so much more. You could see how good they are together and wanted them to soon realize it as well.


Thanks to Nate, Olivia changed so much, not only in her body confidence but as a person. She became stronger and more aware of her priorities and desires. In relationship with Nate she wanted to be the only one, to be cherished, to fully trust his love for her. She believed in the ONE and I swoon as well over that idea, of loving someone for life.

” This may sound selfish and childish, but it’s how I feel. I want to be the love of someone’s life. I can’t be second best. And I definitely can’t be second best for you. I can’t spend the rest of my life loving a man who can’t love me back in the same way. ”

Although she wanted Nate to teach her how to be sexually confident, she realized that love means so much more, and was not going to have only a half of it. She wanted all, and I was so in love with her for this thing.
Nate on the other hand, had some demons of his own, losing his great love at the age of 18. We could now understand why the man whore attitude and the lack of commitment from his side. He didn’t want to go through that again and his heart was out of any relationship. Until he met Olivia, of course and his barriers began to fall one by one. I liked Nate so much when he realized what Olivia means to him, his speech was one of the most romantic lines I’ve ever read.

” I always thought that I kept a distance from women because I knew I’d never be able to love someone the way I loved her. I was wrong. I kept my distance because I was afraid of finding the kind of love my parents have, and I was afraid of what it would do to me if I lost that kind of love. I never meant to fall in love with you. But I did. ”

I liked how tender, gentle and romantic he could be.He changed her, making her more confident and aware of her qualities, and Olivia changed his life forever, she gave him her heart and never let go.

“I want you all the time, Olivia. The past few weeks have been torture without you. And despite what you might still think, I promise there has been no one else. How could there ever be?”

I enjoyed seeing all the characters from the previous book together, they have a special place in my heart and all the books from this series are unique and with a strong story behind them.
Second to Cole, Nate is my favorite, because although all the mistakes he made, he fought hard to get Olivia back, and I enjoyed every second of it. He had the love of his life right under his nose and just couldn’t figure it out in the beginning. Once realizing it, you will love the person he’s become.



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