Bully by Penelope Douglas

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

When I think about how I’ve started reading contemporary romance, the first book that pops in my head is Bully. I was fascinated by a lot of elements, mostly the striking way in which the love scenes were described, but the list can go on forever and ever.

Now looking back after reading around 300 books, I think that “Bully” is unique in plot and in theme provided. There weren’t a lot of books that had this approach, making you question the morality of the characters and really raising awareness for a difficult problem.

“Bully” was intense from page one and managed to catch my attention immediately. The story between Tate and Jared is one of a kind and when you drawn the line, it is very confusing to choose sides. Let me explain more in detail:
Tate and Jared were close, super close and had a wonderful friendship. Tate loved Jared, but was afraid to tell him that, because he was super popular and she wasn’t confident enough to share that with him. It is all pink with ribbons until Jared goes to stay with his dad for the summer holiday and comes back different but in an ugly way. After that, he becomes Tate’s bully, harassing her with every chance he got, and believe me it was not pretty.
This book confused me so much, because of the mixed feeling it generated. You want them to be together, but in the same time you want Tate to kick him in his manly parts and move on.

On the first hand, I would of want Tate to fight harder and not to forget easily the way Jared treated her. He brought down her confidence and self esteem and she should have made him work harder for her love and forgiveness. If I were to think better, she is very admirable for managing to forgive him, because what he did was not ok. She had to go to France to get away from him:)

Jared on the other hand was very tormented and conflicted, that went through a traumatic experience, but nobody deserved to be treated this way because of it. He blamed Tate for his past, but he was so wrong. Maybe he felt stronger, wiser and could forget what happened then, but in the end I don’t think either of those things work. The pain still remains and he inflicted it on a person that loved him so much.

So, I am confused. I loved them as a couple and for their endless sexual chemistry and intensity, but on the other hand, maybe it was better for them to be apart, because I just can’t understand how you can love somebody that damages you so badly. But I know, in the end you can forgive and move on when you truly believe that person is sorry. I know, but it is not fare.. She was too king and carrying and sweet to put up with all his baggage and stuff.

I can write an essay for this book, but for me is still special, an example of love and hate towards the hero, because he is my main target. I didn’t managed to completely love Jared, because I am a person who can’t forget depending on the damaged made. Lucky for him Tate did:)


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