Echoes of Scotland Street by Samantha Young

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Let me tell you a story about a boy.. his name is Cole Walker and soon he is going to become somebody’s hero…

Samantha Young does it again in an impressive way. Echoes of Scotland Street is my favorite book from the series, in which you can read the story of Cole and Shannon. Cole is Jo’s brother from the second book, all grown up and ready to steal out hearts permanently. Shannon is newly introduced, but as soon as you’ll meet her you will realize how good she is for Cole.

First thing to keep in mind while reading this book: appearances can be deceiving!! When you see a hot guy with tattoos, rocking a wonderful smile and looking at you with piercing eyes, you think he is a player!! WRONG!! Cole is everything of those above minus the player part. Having had a though childhood, abused my his mother and raised practically by his big sister, he is now a grown up who is trying to figure things out. Discovering his passion for tattoos thanks to Cam (book 2), he takes on a hob at a tattoo parlor and there he meets Shannon. Well, they already know each other but I will let you explore that on your own.

As in all the books when you have a gorgeous guy and a beautiful girl, sparks fly, but Shannon is not letting her attraction to Cole get ahead of her. She is hurt by the bad choices made in relationships in the past and won’t allow anybody to physically or emotional hurt her anymore. From this point on, a truly powerful struggle begins, where Cole has to prove Shannon that love is worth the risk although life wasn’t always gentle with you.

Cole in my opinion is the best male character from all the books. You can clearly see him evolve from the shy boy presented in the second book to the man he is today. Jo is the main reason he managed to get away from the darkness in which he could have ended because of his mother. He grown up so well, focusing on his talent, having an objective in life that guided him. His love life wasn’t so lucky, but everything settles down when he sees Shannon. Despite the player look, he believes in true love, in loyalty and in treating women well. Cam and Jo where the perfect example for him in terms of relationships and family, giving him a goal to achieve.

Shannon on the other side doesn’t believe in love any more because of the abused she suffered in past relationships. I understand her reluctance in approaching someone, and nevertheless a person that reminds you of a certain type of guy. I love the way Cole managed to break her barriers and show her what true love can reached once you let it in.

I liked that Samantha introduces a certain theme in the book- physical abuse. A women should never go through what Shannon went through. This is a lesson to learn for all girls and women out there who tolerate violence. Everybody deserves tenderness and love no matter the mistakes they make and second chances have to be taken in order to live a happy life.

Echoes of Scotland Street present us our favorite characters from the past books, we get to see them all-together in the wonderful unity they created. Their bond is even stronger than before and I liked the way they embraced Shannon as their own, without judging or asking questions. Everything is so natural with them that you kind of wish you have such friends in real life to stand by you and accepting your true colors.

One of my favorite parts was the ending because I have never read one such as that before. It was unique and exciting.

I love the book and recommend all the series with an open heart!


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