Obsidian * Lux Series #1*by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


I took a break from my romance//contemporary romance books and gave The Lux Series a chance. I wasn’t remotely disappointed.

The story to begin with is very simple: Katy moves in West Virginia with her mom after her father died of cancer, seeking a new beginning for both of them. Katy is your typical girl next door and I loved her from minute one and connected with her so much. She is passionate about books, has a book blog and well, this kind of sums up her social life. Driven by her mother to go out and make friends, she knocks on her neighbors door only to find Daemon. The attraction that she feel for him is undeniable, because of course he is smoking hot, but the moment they speak, everything fells apart. He is rude to her without any reason and tries to send her away. From this point on a very strange relationship begins for them, and their interaction is kind of inevitable because Katy is now best friends with Dee, Daemon twin sister, thing that sets him off more and makes it his mission to annoy Katy in the most horrible way possible.


They have no choice but to spend time together and Daemon is a very hard to read type of guy. He pushes Katy away for no good reason, but in the meantime you can figure out how much he likes her and want to spend time with her. His indecision is very annoying sometimes and the readers tend to have a love hate relationship with Daemon, because of the way he acts towards Katy.
Things progress fast and Katy is sucked in Daemon and Dee’s world without even knowing: to make this quick- they are aliens settled on Earth after their home planed Lux was destroyed by the Arum ( Light Vs Darkness theme).

Being aliens means that they have certain abilities; they can morph into other creatures and humans, they are fast, strong, can manipulate light and most important they can heal. Once Katy learns about their kind, she has no other choice but to stay by their side in order to be safe and keep her mother out of harms way. Soon she learns that there are more aliens than Daemon and Dee, and that not everyone is what they seem to be.

Inevitably the bad guys come for the Luxen and Katy is considered vulnerable. Here is where Daemon changes and you will definitely fell in love with him. We get to see his protective and charming side, the one that will risk his life in order to keep Katy safe. Their relationship changes dramatically and without even knowing, they will fell in love.

What I loved about this book was the funny side of the story, the dialogues where hilarious and mostly the ones between Daemon and Katy, these two providing some funny as hell material to read. Their chemistry is off the charts and the thing I liked the most about this is that there weren’t many hot scenes involved, only the ones built by sexual tension, that felt like a balloon ready to explode anytime.

They are perfect for each other and I cannot wait for them to realize that.
The book was action packed, the descriptions were amazing, a big applause to Jennifer for making this book seen like a movie. The plot was like a stream, flowing naturally and having all in place.
A big plus for this books are the secondary characters- Dee was sweet, funny and caring, ready to do anything to protect her friends and family.

This unity pictured in the book is very inspirational, all of the Luxen being ready to give up their lives in order to see their loves one safe.
There are many twist and turns in this book, but I will let you discover them by yourself.


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