Ronnie by Ronnie O’Sullivan, Simon Hattenstone

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Ronnie is my idol, the person I admired since the 8th grade, when I discovered how amazing snooker is. Since then I am a devoted fan and it was my dream to meet him one day.
He made me love snooker, made me passionate about a game that not many people knew about. His crazy personality but charming ways are loved by millions of fans throughout the world. His playing method is supernatural and he is considered the most talented snooker player out there, because he makes the sport look so easy.

This book takes us on a wonderful journey, where we get a look of his childhood, get to read about his first interaction with snooker and how did he cope with being a revelation at such a young age.
Besides his problems in maintaining a certain level of professionalism, he also struggled with personal problems: the absence of his father, then mother, having to take care of his sister and be the man of the house at such a young age.


He suffered from depression, consumed drugs and alcohol and his rebellious ways made him always the center of attention.This “not caring” attitude was that made him the most loved and most hated player of all times. His natural talent, witty and moody attitude made Ronnie O’Sullivan the man he is today, with a lot of fans, records and tournaments won.

There were hundred of times in which I encouraged him in front of the TV, times in which he made me sooooo mad for playing badly, but in the end I wouldn’t imagine snooker without him.
You get to see the real Ronnie, a perfectly imperfect person, but a passionate player who loves snooker so much and won’t stop loving it no matter what.

It was on my bucket list to see him one day, to attend one of his matches and to be mesmerized by the snooker he produces. My dream came true: I’ve been at 2 of his matches, shook his hand and obtained an autograph:)


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