The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

” Ain’t going back to Barton Hollow
Devil gonna follow me e’er I go
Won’t do me no good washing in the river
Can’t no preacher man save my soul

Prepare to feel this book and never forget it!! For me all the elements that made this book tick amazed me and even if a certain time passed after I finish reading it, I was left blow away.
I always enjoy when I connect to the story and the characters, a reality push being the one that I need in order to make a story authentic, palpable, believable.
Take it as a ride: you are in your comfy bed and in the next second you find yourself on a trip, meeting people and experiencing things like never before.
“The Edge of Never” was deep and soul searching in the same time.

Camryn has suffered terribly in her life. The love of her life died in a car accident, her brother is in jail and she can’t find herself nowhere. So, in search for her soul, she makes a daring move and goes on a road trip. On a bus leading to Idaho she finds Andrew, who is going to see his dying father. Andrew sees Camryn and his protective instincts turn on the moment she is in danger. Being alone is not proper for a girl, especially when she is on a bus full of strangers.
They become good friends and of course, that leads to others, but the road ahead is difficult because they both have a lot of baggage that needs to be taken care of.


Camryn was a fragile heroine for me, a broken soul who needed heeling so bad, it literally clinched to Andrew for her life. I liked the way he managed to change her, to make her feel alive and discover things she didn’t know she enjoyed, like music and traveling. They made such a good team, a great couple and fantastic friends. I tend to listed to the message from a book, and well pointed by the author is the depression Camryn was facing. I liked how this subject is treated and how you could connect to reality due to it. Depression is a terrible disease and a lot of times when not being seen in time, it could destroy a person from the inside. Camryn had Andrew, but not all the people out there are that lucky:)

Andrew is hiding. I knew it the moments I “met” him, but he really needed a Camryn in this life to love him no matter what and not give up on him, even when he gave up on himself. He dears an adventure of a life time with her and in the process find the love of his life. He has a secret and because of this he tries to stay away from Camryn but of course he can’t. He made her dream again, made her more daring and confident. And all that Camryn had to do is never let him go, even when odds are impossible and against them.


I suffered terribly when reading this book, because the feelings it inflicted are so mixed. You laughed with the characters, are happy for them, sing along with them in their car, hope they will be together, are angry at them because they are so stubborn and crash with them when they fall.
The connection is very intense and emotions are all over the place in this book, because they are not stable, they break you and put you together again.

A bonus part in this one was the music. I connected with it, from our heroes playlist to the music they sang on their own.. It was exactly like a trip, being there with Andrew and Camryn and experiencing everything together.


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