The Raven by Sylvain Reynard

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Paranormal love is my new ” IT”genre and I am certain that Sylvain Reynard is one of the best writers for this type of books. I loved the Gabriel Series and wanted to read as many books that I could from him, in order to explore his style more.

There isn’t much to say about this book except that it’s BRILLIANT. You have everything that you need between its 2 covers: love, action, passion, thrill, angst and sadness. A lot right? But all this elements are so well combined that you won’t let this book out of your hands so easily. I wont say much about the plot, because I want to reader to know as little as possible from the book, but I will talk about the 2 main characters.

Raven is one of the most fearless and strongest heroines I’ve ever meet, and believe me, I’m picky at this. The thing that I admire the most is her pure heart, the way she loves unconditionally and in the same times without restraints. She is smart, brave and although not perfect in body, in my opinion she is perfect in character and heart.

Meeting Will was an opportunity for her to discover herself and make some changes in her life. Will is smart, strong and has like an aura surrounding him that completely mesmerizes you. They fell in love in such a powerful way, managing to heal each other and to bind so perfectly. He gives her confidence and she changes him completely, making him a better person.

The connection between them was amazing for me, the way they completed and accepted each other being very heartwarming. What I love about Reynard is that his characters are so genuine, so anchored in real life, with flaws and qualities.
The book was also action packed and the writer is sooo good at describing and narrating the events that you feel like watching a movie, not reading a book.

All the details are so well presented, you can see how documented the writer is and feel the passion he puts in this book.
Just read it, feel it and tell me that I’m not right. Book hangover guaranteed:)



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  1. oh I see I really need to pick this one up and soon. I have been wanting to but just haven’t gotten around to it. But now I need to bump it up my list for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one.


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