Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

My Rating: 4/5 Stars 

This is my fist book from Gillian Flynn and after the movie was released I particularly wanted to read the book before I see it, because I know that my vision would be altered by the director’s perspective. So glad I did that, to not be socked when seeing the movie:)

Mystery and thriller books are one of my absolute favorite and Gillian Flynn is making the genre proud. Her penmanship is unique and so captivating, that it sucks you in until the last page. Personally, I hate when I get my answers in the last 2 % of the book, because my heart can’t take it, but it shows what a great book it was, managing to balance all the plot in order to keep you alert until the end. If I have a boring book and my answer is at page 100/101, them I’m mad at the writer for not being able to proportion well the story. This book was perfectly balanced and all the info was given just on time.

Nick and Amy Dunne have been married for almost 5 years, but the love they shared at the beginning is fading away, leaving them with a lot of problems to handle. When Amy disappears on their 5th anniversary, everybody is aiming Nick as being the culprit. The community in which they live is not helping him much to say to, and when the media is involved, all eyes are on him so see if he really killed his wife or not. There are no clues of her death, because no body implies no murder, but soon everyone will put the pieces together and hold Nick responsible.

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The first part of the book was a little slow because it introduces you with the couple and their problems, but after that part is over, the good one comes. There is a dual perspective which I enjoyed so much, Nick is telling the present story and Amy, with the help of her diary, is telling us what happened during their 5 years of marriage.

Personally, the characters were not my type. I was neither Team Nick nor team Amy, I just wanted to see how they end up. There were very flawed people, that have done a lot of mistakes, but you at some point of the book expect them to change. But they don’t. They cross the path of being saved and sincerely, they only think about themselves and at getting out of this situation. Nick wants people to stop seeing him as a murderer and Amy wants…you will see what she wants:)

He was exactly how I expected him to be..In a situation like this, we always blame the man, let’s be serious, so I was not surprised to see that his personality was not perfect, that he made a lot of mistakes and was not very sorry about them. Amy, on the other hand, blew my mind and fascinated me on how twisted and disturbed she was. Praises to the writer for coming with such an amazing ( in the bad way ) character that will provide A LOT of shocking moments.

Gillian Flynn managed to take the “happy couple” myth and just crashed it to pieces. What you see is definitely not what happens in real life and this book proves it. You just have to dig dipper and be really attentive to each line. I personally loved Amy’s diary notes. They were very contrasting, even if they came from the same person. It shows how miserable and kind of twisted the character was, but I liked it until the end.

The book was a journey of emotions and detective work. Due to my background of mystery books, I really tried to come up with a scenery, but every time I had an idea, here was the writer to tell me I was wrong. But it was OK, because this meant the story was not predictable. If you have predictability in a book like this you will FAIL in satisfying your readers, and I know that Gillian was aware of this. I am certain that many will be shocked and will consider the characters crazy, but this craziness made the book so unique and well built.






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