Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire

My Rating: 5/5 Stars
Jamie McGuire was one of the first writers to introduce me to the Romance genre and I really have to thank her for that. My background was generally Mystery, Thrillers and Horror, but after reading the Maddox series I was truly fascinated by all of its aspects and from then on, my focus changed.

After reading about Travis, I really enjoyed by how intense a Maddox could be, in both good and bad aspects. The temper, the unpredictability, the passion put in everything really drawn me in reading more and opened my curiosity in discovering the Maddox brothers one by one, because I was certain they have distinct elements.

Beautiful Oblivion is about Trenton, and boy, exactly like his brother, “trouble” is written all over his face. With the exact temper, whit, sarcastic lines and cocky attitude, he is pure Maddox. Beside all of this “maddox” elements, I discovered a tender and caring side of him, a hidden part that was totally in love with his childhood crush Camille.

The plot revolves around their relationship, over the development from friends to lovers and I guarantee you it will be amazing. Camille was my kind of girl. Growing up with 3 brothers, she was more than capable to handle a Maddox, putting him firmly in his place and expressing her POV. She was also in a relationship, and because of this, her affection towards Trenton was initially subdue.

Trenton on the other hand was relentless, a storm always on the bridge of erupting, and I loved seeing a person passionate but caring at the same time. As I was saying, their relationship developed at a slow pace, because Camille was guarded in her feelings for him and waited for her to be free in order to pursue another love relationship. I loved them together, even if at the beginning I consider them very different, Trenton managed to warm my heart and convinced me that he was a really good guy, overly in loved with Camille.

Of course I loved that in this book, family was a central focus. Exactly like in Travis’s book, family is considered the most precious gift and everyone is willing to do any sacrifice in order to protect it. The brothers have such an unique bond and I really enjoyed seeing them all together, fighting for their unity. You will see by the end of the book what I’m talking about:)


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