Price and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

My Rating: 4/5 Stars 

Pride and Prejudice has always been my favorite novel, beginning with the amazing period Jane Austin describes and ending with the wonderful characters we all love and come to consider icons. Mr.Darcy will always be an example of book boyfriend, even if he is stubborn, proud and judgmental. But, you know, being in a love hate relationship with a guy only adds spices to the boiling feelings and you tend to come up with excuses all the time. And adding that he is hot, kind of puts all of the above into the shadows.

Coming back to reality, after reading Pride and Prejudice, I’ve seen so many movies and mini series adaptations, so many re-interpretations that just show you the same thing, same action, same characters and same conclusion. Nothing ever changed. But one day, I came upon this book and firstly I thought it was a joke.Really? From all the things on Heaven, Earth, Purgatory and Hell, they associate this love story with zombies? Now that was something to read about and see if this mix was a success.

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And you know what?? It was very nice:D I was surprised by this conclusion, but I truly liked it. It was basically the same connection between the characters, Elizabeth Bennett with Darcy and Jane with Mr. Bingley, but it had this strange twist, they all fight zombies and protect others from their mortal bite. The visual of seeing Mr. Darcy fighting zombies is quite delicious if you ask me, and after all the details provided in the book, he was very good at it.

I liked that in spite this mission of saving the world from brain eating zombies, the characters remained the same as I’ve read about them in the first adaptation. Elizabeth was proud, Darcy mysterious, Jane very guarded and not speaking about her true feelings and Mr. Bingley of course ignorant of everything about it. We will definitely have Mr. Wickman in the scene, version 2.0, meaner and with a more complex role this time. You will see that he will get very well acquainted with the zombies and it’s up to our beloved characters to save the day.

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In conclusion, I had a very good good time reading this book, because I could see my favorite characters in a very different background and read about their thrilling adventures. I could imagine them role playing and it was nice and strange in the same time. But because you have Jane Austen involved, it’s impossible not to like it and not put aside this horror element. In a way, it was quite original, attracting Romance readers and Horror as well. And besides this, I loved the illustrations in the book. Very well designed and it kind of introduced you more to the story in terms of visual and reality.


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