Onix *Lux Series #2* by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Our favorite alien is back!!! Readers please be prepared for a new adventure, a bigger and more captivating one than you’ve experienced in Obsidian. This is not my first series by this writer, but I’ve discovered her with the help of the Wait for Me series, which was amazing. I was totally sure her talent will sweep me away in this series also, and to all that read Lux, you know how right I am.

They are still on a quest to search for Dawson and because of this, many secrets will be revealed and the reader will have to face a lot of OMG moments. We will get to know more about the Luxen and Arum, regarding their history and background, which caused me immense joy because I believed in Obsidian we were not briefed as expected. The real problem and focus will be the relationship between the characters, as you may realize.

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Onix will not make the formal introductions and it will lead us exactly where we want to be. In the middle of Daemon and Katy’s relationship, that now it’s kind of blurry. After the events in Obsidian, we learn that they are connected, because Daemon healed her and now they are literally stuck with each other. I was very grateful because of this, but I had a minor problem- Katy. Let me explain.. She believed that because of this damn bond, Daemon is attracted to her, this being the single reason he wants to be with her. Daemon on the other hand, wants nothing more than to demonstrate he has changed, but the words spoken in the first book are hard to forget.

Now, we get a major change: Daemon is pulling and Katy is pushing. I have to admit that he really annoyed me in the way he treated Katy in the past and I enjoyed every minute of his pursuit. He kind of had it coming and fine for Katy for making him sweat a little. There were some moments were I wanted her to just give in and not be stubborn anymore, but she was brokenhearted and I understood her. Besides that, she will face some changes that will mark her and transform the Katy we know in a totally different person. I’m not trying to find excuses for her, but considering all the aspects, there were a lot of things she had to handle.

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And I forgot the best part! WE HAVE A LOVE TRIANGLE!! Yes:D Blake is the new kid in town that wants to hang out with her. Of course Daemon doesn’t like him, because he feels he is hiding something. Katy on the other hand, wants to date human, regular guys and will give Blake a chance, despite numerous warnings. Here Katy will make a great mistake and as I said before, being overly stubborn was not OK for her, making her do a lot of mistakes, with terrible consequences.

Although, Blake was no match for Daemon,  I loved their dynamic, the extremely funny moments, the bet, the jealousy and not to mention the way Daemon always keeps on naming Blake. I really had a blast reading those lines, proving once again what a cocky hero we have.

Of course we will have a lot of action moments, dramatic ones, twists and cliche things like “not everything is what it seems” that turn out to be extremely true for this book. The surprises won’t end until you read the first word and I loved this dynamic plot, with a very fluid story and very complex characters.

Be prepared for Opal because you have no idea what is in stored for you.


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  1. Great review, Ramona! My love for this series has no end.♥ It’s my favorite YA series, my favorite paranormal series, and (as you now know) Daemon is my favorite book boyfriend of all time! I agree that Katy was super stubborn in this one, refusing to believe that Daemon actually had feelings for her. But, given the circumstances, it was understandable. He’d been a total jerk to her up till now, plus now the bond, but still… sometimes I just wanted to say “believe him already!” 🙂 Oh, and I LOVED how Daemon constantly called Blake by the wrong name. LOL Gotta love that guy. 🙂

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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