Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A.Tucker

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I’ve heard to much about this series and I know that K.A.Tucker is a wonderful writer, that truly provides her readers with the most genuine and real stories. This depth I am talking about will surely connect with everybody because we all know life sometimes can be hard, but we must find a reason to keep going.

So, taking into consideration the above info, let me tell you something about the story. Kacey has been through a lot. After losing her parents, best friend and boyfriend in a terrible accident, she is lost and literally hanging on for dear life. One day, in order to protect her sister, Olivia, from their uncle, she decides to leave her old life and move to Miami. They want to start fresh, leave behind the terrible events that marked them forever. Easily said than done. With no money, because their uncle made sure to lose them at playing cards, they have to start from scratch.

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But how? Kacey didn’t graduate, Olivia doesn’t have the age to work and they have to make a living from something. With the little resources they have, they rent out an apartment and try to find a solution. Kacey feels so lost and not because she can’t provide for herself, but she has to do something for her sister, because she is the only one in her life that means the world to her. Enter Trent Emerson, the guy next door. He moved in recently and he’s as mysterious as it can be. Of course he is smart, gorgeous and extremely persistent. He instantly clicks with Kacey and sets up his goal to befriend her. Of course friendship will lead to other steamy and romantic things, but the readers have to be patient.

So, this is all about the plot. Why 5 stars?

First, the characters were amazingly built and here I am talking especially about Kacey. She is not your typical heroine. After the accident she changed dramatically. She became involved with drugs, fights and one night stands, using that rush and adrenaline to keep her emotions together. She didn’t talk to anybody about that night and as time passed, she built up a wall that couldn’t be destroyed easily. Violence and a hard exterior were her only defense mechanism and she used them permanently. Olivia was everything for her and she focused that energy in seeing her well provided, paying her studies and maybe one day seeing her happy. There was no time to think about herself, and despite a very traumatizing experience, she didn’t received the proper treatment then, becoming ” The after Kacey”.

Imagini pentru ten tiny breaths

When meeting Trent she couldn’t believe how instable she was around him, how her walls came crumbling down and how alive she felt around him. Trent at first sight is perfect, caring so much about Kacey and making her feel special, but there are a lot of things we don’t know about him and as the plot progresses, be prepared to be surprised and why not, cry. I know I did 🙂

If you think this is a normal love story, you are in for a disappointment. A lot of connections will be made regarding our characters past and many secrets will be revealed that will completely turn their world upside down. This is a very different love story, born from hurt and suffering and I won’t spoil much because there are some twist and turns that will leave you completely shattered, and they are key to our heroes relationship. What I can say is that their love will be tested and despite everything, everyone deserves a chance to be happy and whole again. This element of moving on was very important for the writer, because her focus was not only on Kacey’s ability to do so, but also on Trent’s past and issued that will connect with Kacey. Just wait and see how ironic destiny is sometimes.

And one last thing. This book raises awareness about PTSD symptoms and I believe it is so important to read carefully and try to connect with the characters and maybe learn something from it. There are so many people in the world that didn’t ask for help when the time came, so if anybody knows a similar case, please don’t hesitate in taking a stand and help them, until it’s too late. With the proper medical help and love from friends and close ones, anybody can start over.

Book received by Epica Publishing House Romania in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Wonderful review! This was the first book I read by Tucker and she quickly became a favorite. I read all the other books in the Ten Tiny Breaths series but this one remains my favorite. There is a novella called In Her Wake that is so very good. It’s from Trent’s Point of view and it explains a lot about his own story.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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