One Tiny Lie by K.A.Tucker

My Rating: 4/5 Stars 

After reading Ten Tiny Breaths I became a fan of K.A.Tucker mainly because of the message she sends to readers. I always enjoyed a book with a strong message, that raises awareness of a social problem and managed to make you reconsider about certain ideas you may had and thought they were correct.

The one important thing that reading thought me was not to judge, to look deeper into someone’s personality and try to identify what makes them click and act that way. And there are a lot of books that simply give you reality on a plate, making you discover that underneath the exterior comes a great story.

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I learned that with Kacey and I was convinced that with Livie it will be the same experience. The story chicks off 3 years after Ten Tiny Breaths, when Livie is 18 and ready to go to Princeton. Yes, our little sister has grown up into a beautiful lady, smarter and more determined to follow her father’s footsteps. The only problem with our dear girl is that she is so focused on pleasing others that she forgot to live for herself. Her life is kind of boring, without fun or extra activities, making her kind of geeky. So, Kacey decides to celebrate her baby sister going to Princeton and have some fun, just the 2 of them. We all know Kacey’s wild side and there are no surprises something unforgettable will happen that night. At that party, Livie meets Ashton, a gorgeous guy who surprises her with his witty, charming and egomaniac personality. What happens that night will be a crazy chain of events, that will lead Livie and Ashton closer, although their  relationship will initially be cat and mouse like. But you know what they say, opposites attract and this 2 are living proof.

So, a very delicious beginning for our dear couple, but once you really get the feel of the story, it will get better. Certain problems occur, like Ashton’s girlfriend or Connor, Ashton’s best friend, who will date Livie, but that just adds the salt and pepper to our story. As you know from Ten Tiny Breaths, not everything is what it seems and there will be motives behind our character’s behavior. You just have to be patient enough to discover them and remember not to judge.


I loved Livie from the very first word I read about her in Ten Tiny Breaths. I liked the way she stood by her sister, cared for her, making her the center of her universe. They only had each other and this connection was overwhelming for me. But nobody actually thought much about Livie when Kacey had that accident. All focus was on Kacey because she actually lived it, but what about her sister? She suffered a terrible lost too and not to mention that she had to witness every day the destructive path Kacey was taking. The breakdown she had in the hospital in Ten Tiny Breaths only indicated the suffering and hurt she felt and it was only a matter of time until she would break. I liked that she was so innocent, the kind of sweet innocence that made you want to hug her and be there for her.

Ashton was exactly the guy she needed to get her out of her comfort zone. But, they were alike in so many ways, because they had hidden many feelings inside and it was hard to figure after a while what was true and what was pretending. I liked him as a hero, despite that he kept on telling Livie he was not OK for her. He knew exactly what he was getting himself into, but at a certain point he didn’t care, because it is impossible to resist Livie. Although he was the one to push her away, he also pulled her in many times, and it kind of confused me at times. Adding Connor in the equation was exciting, because this was the perfect example that life is not all the times meant to be lived by rules and fixed ideas. Livie thought the perfect guy for her has to be sweet, respectful, cute and nice, and she ended up falling in love with the complicated but gorgeous bad boy. How about that? This was a perfect way of her growing up, realizing things and taking decision for her own well, not for the acceptance of others. She managed after meeting Asthon to take chances, and although she suffered a lot, she also gained a lot, that made her more stronger and independent.

So this was a sweet story about 2 different persons who realize they have a lot in common and as a bonus, K.A.Tucker managed once more to insert a strong social message that made me cry a little because of its intensity and frequency in families around the world.

Book received by Epica Publishing House in exchange for an honest review. 


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