Royally Matched by Emma Chase

My Rating: 5/5 Stars  Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power; therefore reading is POWER. The power to know and learn and understand...but also the power to dream. Stories inspire us to reach high, love deep, change the world and be more than we ever thought we could be. Every book allows us to dream... Continue Reading →


We Love… Penelope Ward

When you say " New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author" and combined it with romance, hot guys, strong heroines and steamy scenes you get Penelope Ward. She is one of my favorite writers because of her amazing stories and characters and for creating this wonderful place in which I could just melt into and... Continue Reading →

Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

My Rating: 4/5 Stars There is no secret how much I admire Penelope and consider her one of my favorite writers. Everything she has is for her readers and I apreciate the effort she puts in every one of her books. She is so talented and a has a secret fountain of inspiration, full of... Continue Reading →

We Love… Mia Sheridan

Hey readers, I have a huge surprise for you and if I have to be honest, it was a surprise for me as well when Mia wrote to tell me she was OK with my questions. She is my favorite Romance writer, because I admire her style, the passion she puts in everyone of her... Continue Reading →

The Room Mate by Kendall Ryan

My Rating: 3/5 Stars This is my second book from Kendall Ryan and usually if I want an easy and romantic read her books are the perfect solution. The blurb sounded very interesting and I've decided to go for it, even if I've read tons of books with roommates, even if they get along or... Continue Reading →

How to Love Katie Cotugno

My Ranking: 3/5 stars I believe this book was one of my first Romance stories and I was very curious after reading the blurb to dive into it. From the description I could see that it was about a teen pregnancy and I have a weak spot for them, because I consider a very important... Continue Reading →

We Love… Lex Martin

Dear readers, I have a big surprise for you. This is my first interview with a writer and it was my honour to speak with the lovely Lex Martin, who brought us the Dearest Series and Shameless. Not many know that she is an English/ journalism teacher, who stopped professing in order to write full time.... Continue Reading →

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