Fighting Temptation by K.C.Lynn

My Rating: 3/5 Stars I hate it when my expectations for a book are high and I can't give it the stars I was hoping for... I really wanted this to be a 5 stars story, because I know K.C.Lynn is awesome, but unfortunately I was wrong about this one. After reading Beautiful Insightful, I... Continue Reading →


Breaking Gravity by Autumn Grey

My Rating: 5/5 Stars For those who know me, my guilty pleasure is reading professor student affair books. I LOVE THEM! I've read every combination, every mix of possible characters and I just can't get enough. Even though I loved them, I am extremely picky. The story has to have something different, because I already... Continue Reading →

We Love… Marc Levy

Marc Levy needs no introduction from my side. You all know him as one of the most successful French writers, with up to 17 books released and translated in over 50 languages. His style is diverse, unique, with amazing characters that are simply branded in your mind after reading his wonderful stories. There are no words to... Continue Reading →

Easy Magic by Kristen Proby

My Rating: 5/5 Stars Usually I know when my favorite books will be released, but with Easy Magic it was a total surprise. I had no idea it was going to be released in April and of course I put aside every other book and began this one. I love the Boudreaux family and I... Continue Reading →

His Alone by Alexa Riley

My Rating: 2/5 Stars I am going to be really quick with this review, because sincerely I didn't like the book at all.. This is my second story from Alexa Riley and if I thought Everything for Her was pushed to a certain limit, this one was over the top pushed and exaggerated.. His Alone... Continue Reading →

We Love… L.H.Cosway

I am very nervous about this interview because when she agreed to answer my questions I flipped out... It was truly amazing to talk to L.H.Cosway, one of my favorite authors, who brought us The Hearts series, Showmance, Painted Faces or the amazing books in collaboration with Penny Reid. She has such a genuine style,... Continue Reading →

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