The Return- Titan Volume 1 by Jennifer L.Armentrout

My rating: 5/5 Stars

7024262._SY540_Oh my Gods!!!!! I thought that Lux was unbelievable and one of a kind, but after reading this one, I can tell you that Jennifer delivers blow by blow and makes each series unique. It took me long enough to read this one, firstly because I wanted to read the Covenant and after that The Titans. But after reading the blurb, I came to the conclusion that the Covenant was too long and not being a patient person, I tried the second one:))

I have to say that it was a hit for me. I love Greek Mythology and everything that has to do with it and combining that with a killer plot and HOT couple, yes, you have me drooling.

Seth is a Apollyon (I will let you discover what that means) and was given a mission by Apollo, his master. To protect Josie, a normal girl that studies Psychology. Firstly he has to idea why he has to keep a mortal safe, but after a while, he discovered that Josie was in fact a demi-god and Apollo’s daughter that he had with her mortal mother.

Josie was also a powerful weapon and  apparently, not the only one. There were others like her, with superhuman abilities, and combining their gifts, they could be WOW! Now that the Titans escaped and were out for revenge against the Gods, the demi-gods were the only weapon out there to kill them once and for all. This thing also made them a target, because the Titans won’t give up that easily and will certainly kill them before they even get the chance to use their powers.

Here enters Seth to protect Josie and to get her somewhere safe. On their journey they will face many dangerous creatures and situations, they will learn a lot about each other and will be drawn inexplicably together.

Seth was a very fine hero for me and I am very glad that I didn’t read Covenant first, because I wanted to form a freshly opinion about him that was not influenced by his past actions. I know he did a lot of bad things and now his mission with Josie was the redemption readers were waiting for. Seth believes that he doesn’t deserve to be happy, to have somebody by his side that could love him knowing what he did. When he saw Jodie a super connection happened and he really tried to fight it, but couldn’t.

Jodie had her life changed in a matter of seconds, from student to demi-god. She kind of lost her identity and throughout the book she will struggle to cope and to fit in in a different universe. She will fell in love with Seth despite his heavy past and I loved that she was not judgemental or anything, just trying to accept that person for her heart, not her actions.

The book was simply amazing, with a lot of information to digest and delicious characters. I enjoyed the fact that we were briefed about what happened in the Covenant and that we could adjust that story to this one. The funny scenes were amazing and so well built, it reminder me a little of Lux:D


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