The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

My rating: 5/5 stars

What a kick ass series it has been:) I am so blown away by it and I can’t stop saying how much I loved it and what an impact it had on me. I never read anything similar and maybe that’s why I am so thrilled to share it with you, but please, if you haven’t read it, make it quick.

“The Retribution of Mara Dyer” is the third installment in the series and it was the most reveling, as expected. It was also the most complex I believe, in terms of plot and Mara’s evolution. Have you ever seen X-Men when Jean Grey becomes the Phoenix? I imagined her that way, unleashed, dangerous, dark and very keen on revenge.

So, I won’t reveal a lot from the plot, only that book 2 left us hanging and book 3 promised to deliver the answers necessary for us to be contend and to figure out finally how our favorite characters turned out with special abilities. Reveling is mildly expressed, it was intense and of course surprising almost after each chapter.

I want to focus 2 minutes on Mara, in talking about her evolution and figuring out what type of a character she is. The problem with Mara is that you don’t know in what category to put her. She isn’t 100% good and after all she has been through at her age, I never judged her or wanted this character to have a certain behavior. I just let her express herself and kept on reading until seeing the extend of her powers and emotions. She is very atypical and this feature makes her special and worth discovering. I believe that was exactly the thing that made Noah fall in love with her:) In book 3 she spends a lot of time apart from Noah and she makes her own path and takes decisions because she wants too.. Maybe not all of them are understandable, but considering the circumstances, it must be very difficult to keep a clear head and pure heart after everything that happened.

The pace of the book was kind of flat for the first half, but the second was adrenaline packed and very well structured. I forgot to breathe sometimes, not knowing I will face next. I enjoyed the knowledge, the clear info that was passed along the reader and it was visible that Michelle did serious research for the book. Everything was accurate, precise and left you so powered up that in the end, you felt kind of tired with all the information and things that happened. I really put a lot of energy in the plot and in making the correct connections.

And to finish with, the love story was beautiful and intense and the end was SPECTACULAR. I am a sucker for Romance and I’ve read various levels of intensity for this genre, but there were 2 scenes between Noah and Mara that broke my heart and put the pieces together piece by piece. I am going to let you discover them by yourself:)


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